Group Members


Meri Lahteenaro - Summership

Meri joined the group in the spring 2017 to complete her training program in Ecology. She is investigating the protective role of overwintering nests in the Glanville fritillary  butterfly, Melitaea cinxia. webPage. The results of her project were published in the Journal Ecology and Evolution.

Isa Bengzon - Bachelor thesis

Isa is currently completing her Bachelor studies at the Lund University. She joined the group in November 2018 to investigate the diversity in the Wolbachia strains present in the Melitaea butterflies from Russia. LinkedIn.

Past Members


Carolina Sánchez Carpena - ERASMUS

Carolina joined the group in March 2017, for a six month period. She is an ERASMUS student from Spain. She is testing the effect of Wolbachia in Hyposoter horticola in the presence of a fungal pathogen.


Zana Pylsy - Professional school lab trainee

Zana worked in the group between April and June 2017. He was in charge of DNA extraction, PCR and qPCRs in the laboratory. He will be completing his degree as a laboratory technician at the end of the year.


Ekaterina Pylsy - Professional school lab trainee

Kate completed her school training with us between August and November 2016.

She worked on the microbiota of four arthropods from the Island of Teixeira, Azores. She tested whether habitat degradation is affecting host microbiota composition.

Opinnäytetyö-Ekaterina Pylsy.docx (In Finnish, with Abstract in English)


Shravya Kadali - Master student

Shravya worked on a joint project with Dr. Ayco Tack from the Stockholm University. She was investigating the symbiont community within the insect food-web of oak trees. She is now pursuing her PhD studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland.


Minna Kohonen - Summership

Minna joined the group in the summer 2015 to complete her training program in Ecology. She was in charge of investigating the potential for Wolbachia to protect its host against hyperparasitoid attacks, through both intensive field and lab-work. The results of her project were published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.


Szabolcs Péterfi  - Professional school lab trainee

Szabolcs worked in the lab between February and June 2015. His project investigated geographical and temporal variations of Microsporidia infections in natural populations of the butterfly Melitaea cinxia, in the Åland island.


past and present (by alphabetical order)

Prof. Scott Beatson               - Genomics of infectious diseases - University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Dr. Oskar Brattstrom            - Butterfly taxonomy and evolution - University of Cambridge, UK.

Dr. Sylvain Charlat              - Dynamics of host/parasite associations - CNRS, University of Lyon 1, France.

Dr. Neil Davies                    - Executive director of the Moorea Gump Research Station, University of Berkeley (French Polynesia).

Dr. Jan Engelstädter             - Mathematical modelling of the evolution of reproductive parasite.

Prof. Ilkka Hanski                 - Metapopulation, population/community ecology and evolution. Founder of the Metapopulation

                                                 Research Centre (MRC) - University of Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Emily A. Hornett             - Ecology and evolution of symbiotic bacteria in butterflies - University of Liverpool, UK.

Prof. Gregory Hurst              - Eco-evolution of host-parasite interactions - University of Liverpool, UK.

Dr. Iñaki Iturbe-Ormaetxe     - Eco-evolutionary biology of wolbachia-host interactions - Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

Dr. Rainer Lehtonen              - Genomics and genetics - University of Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Jean-Yves Meyer             - Botanist and conservation biologist - Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Dr. Wolfgang J. Miller          - Functional and evolutionary dynamics of symbiotic systems - University of Vienna, Austria.

Prof. Nathan Rank                - Plant/herbivore/pathogen interactions - Sonoma State University, USA.

Dr. Marjo Saastamoinen       - Environmental stress in natural populations - University of Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Ayco Tack                      - Interactions plants/microbes/insects - Stockholm University, Sweden.

Prof. Scott O’Neill                - Evolution of Wolbachia and its effect on its host, and developing a new biocontrol strategy to reduce

                                                 transmission of mosquito-borne diseases - Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

Dr. Saskya van Nouhuys       - Community ecology and evolution - Cornell University, USA.

Dr. Amy Truitt                       - Symbionts, conservation biology - Portland State University, Oregon, USA. 

Dr. Fabrice Vavre                 - Host/symbionts interactions - CNRS, University of Lyon 1, France.

Prof. Niklas Wahlberg          - Systematics, evolutionary history of Lepidoptera - Lund University, Sweden.

Dr. Megan Woolfit               - Bioinformatics, genetics and genomics - Monash University, Melbourne Australia.




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